"so much of birth is about preparation"

Women choose home births for many reasons - some because it comes naturally to them - maybe they watched their siblings born and always expected to have a home birth.  Some want to avoid hospitals as much as they can. Some take a big leap of faith after doing much research.  And some are "late-bloomers",  who has a change of hearts in the middle of their care.  I always like to say that women should birth where they feel safe, whatever place that may be.   Labor is the most primal act of all, your body completely acting on its own, fueled by a unique hormone called Oxytocin.  The thing about Oxytocin is that it cannot be produced by will.  It can only be released when a woman feels safe.   If you feel safer birthing at home, then a home birth is right for you, and if you come to our care,  we will help you gather all the resources and help you prepare for a successful home birth. 

This includes preparing your surrounding, your body and your mind. 


A support system that includes your partner and a support system, prepare food, birth kit, a pool,