A very wet birth, and a family drenched in love

Screenshot 2018-05-08 08.17.49.png

Happy third birthday, Sheelagh!  Her mother wrote:

Today, 3 years ago we welcomed Sheelagh Valentina into the world and our family!!!

Joy... Boundless laughter... My second child has taught me about grace, ease, and that life can be DELIGHTFUL and so DELICIOUS. Her sense of humor tickles me and her affection melts all my brusqueness. I love her to my core and look forward to continuing to witness the human being she is becoming grow in love and wonder!!!💗

This picture was taken by Kimm Sun our midwife who had just assisted by Siobhan Whalen stripped down to jump in the birth pool to save my perineum, unwrapped the cord looped twice around Sheelagh's neck effortlessly, and then she pulls out a camera to take incredible pictures to record the moment!? I love you Kimm and Siobhan. Thank you for the powerful work you do 💗